Mt Rinjani is near the equator so it’s not really affected by the seasons. There are two seasons, Rainy season December – March, where paths can be slippery and Dry season, April – November, which is the best time to climb Mount Rinjani. One of the highlights of a summit trek is that you will reach the summit of Rinjani Lombok at sunrise, where you can experience a sunrise like no other.

Dawel Rinjani, the Mount Rinjani Trekking company, offers professional Mount Rinjani treks and tours to climb Mount Rinjani Lombok volcano where you will enjoy the most amazing views of Mount Rinjani National Park, and the stunning panoramas from the peak of Mt Rinjani volcano, a view that cannot be experienced anywhere else.

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Favorites Rinjani Trekking Packages

The most choice and famous packages trekking Mount Rinjani start from Senaru village in north of Lombok and from Sembalun village in east of Lombok island.

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Hiking Crater Rim Senaru 2 Days

Rinjani Trekking Package to Crater rim 2 days 1 night package start from Senaru village to the crater rim, and return to Senaru village

Climbing Summit Rinjani 2 Days

Climbing Rinjani Summit 2 days 1 night package start from Sembalun to the crater rim Sembalun, summit and back to Sembalun.

Trekking Summit Rinjani - Lake 3 Days

Rinjani Trek 3 days 2 nights Summit and Lake Segara Anak package, starting from Sembalun to the crater rim Sembalun …

Mount Rinjani National Park

The park covers an area of 41,330 ha on the northern part of Lombok. Named after Indonesia’s second highest volcanic peak outside of West Papua, the peak of Gunung Rinjani (3,726m) dominates the landscape. Within the crater is the spectacular Segara Anak lake and the still-active volcano Gunung Baru (2,363m). It is surrounded by a further 66,000 ha of Protection Forest and covers the four administrative district of West, East, north and Central Lombok.

The park ecosystem is in the transitional zone between Asia and Australia (Wallace zone). Average rainfall is about 3,000 mm annually. Gunung Rinjani is rich in a variety of flora, fauna and vegetation types. On the south western side of the mountain is the most eastern extent of primary rainforest in Nusa Tenggara. This gives way to monsoon forest and drier climate in the east, and savannah in the north east. Notable flora includes the everlasting edelweiss flower (Anopheles viscid), tiger orchid (Vanda sp.), alang-alang grass (Imperata cylindrical), cemara trees (Casuarinas trifoliate and Casuarinas occidental).

Via Sembalun Route

Trekking Rinjani Indonesia via Sembalun village in east Lombok ascent route to explore Lombok Rinjani mountain start on 1.150 m. above sea level to crater Rim Sembalun 2.639 m, summit 3.726 m, down to the lake and hot spring 2.000 m, up to crater rim Senaru 2.641 m then last day down to Senaru village 601 m.

Summit Rinjani – Lake 4 Days

Rinjani volcano Trek 4 days 3 nights Summit and Lake Segara Anak …

Mount Rinjani Trekking 5 Days

Mount Rinjani package Singapore and Malaysian 5 days to summit …

Via Senaru Route

Trekking Mount Rinjani via Senaru village, North of Lombok ascent route to explore Mount Rinjani Lombok, starting from Senaru village 601 m. asl (above sea level) to crater Rim Senaru 2.641 m, down to the lake and also hot spring 2.000 m, climb up to crater rim Sembalun 2.639 m, climb up to summit 3.726 m, and finally last day down to Sembalun village 1.150 m.

Senaru Crater Rim – Lake 3 Days

Trekking Rinjani to Crater rim Senaru and Segara Anak Lake …

Rim Senaru, Lake – Summit 3 Days

Trekking Rinjani Summit 3 days 2 nights via Senaru to crater rim Senaru …

summit RinjaniCrater Rim, Lake – Summit 4 Days

Trekking package to summit Rinjani via Senaru 4 days 3 nights start from Senaru …

Rim Senaru, Lake – Summit 5 Days

Mount Rinjani trek Singapore Malaysian 5 days to summit, start from Senaru …

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